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TWS Energy Controls manufactures a range of power transformers to suit your individual requirements. These are single or three phase up to 150kVA.

We supply current transformers with primary currents up to 10,000A for ring type and 4000A for bar types.

We provide high-accuracy current transformers designed to suit a wide range of specifications for both protection and metering. We manufacture a range of standard current transformers for testing purposes, which are of an exceptionally high accuracy.

We can also manufacture high voltage current transformers designed to meet your specification.


  • Finish: Complete with plugs and sockets - terminals or flying leads and/or steel or plastic covers, IP rated enclosures can be provided.
  • Size: TWS Energy Controls manufactures from single phase 1VA to three phase 10 kVA. We are able to source transformers outside the above range or manufacture large quantities if required.
  • Type: E and I are finished with varnish or epoxy resin. Toroidal finished with PVC or Mylar tape.
  • Mounting: Angle feet or brackets are available to suit your specific design.
  • Terminations: TWS Energy Controls has options to suit your requirements, such as permanently connected flexible leads, terminal blocks or bushings for larger sizes.
  • Voltage Ratio: Designed to your specification. Non-standard ratios are a specialty.


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