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Power Factor Chokes and Coils

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Power factor chokes are used to tune power factor correction systems so that they don't suppress ripple control signals and to reduce inrush currents. TWS Energy Controls manufacture a full range of chokes up to 100kVAr systems.

Options include:

  • AC chokes - single phase or three phase
  • DC chokes
  • Iron or Air cored
  • custom wound coils


Iron or air cored, single or three phase, inductors can be designed to suit your specific requirements.


Air dry or oven-baked varnish.


Permanently attached core clamp with mounting holes.


Flying leads, termination block, or rigid M8 termination lugs or bolts set on a termination panel if desired.


Our inductors can be fitted with temperature sensors.


To comply with customer specifications. Test certificates can be provided on request.

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