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Transformer and Coil Winding Services as we were known then was founded, manufacturing small power transformers and chokes for power and audio applications


Acquisition of the instrument transformer designs manufacturing and testing equipment from New Zealand Transformers (Teleco)


Acquisition of B R Homersham Ltd “Secura brand”


Transformer and Coil Winding Services became Transformer and Coil Systems when the company ownership changed


The company name was shortened to Transformer Winding Services Ltd and known as “TWS”


 Acquisition of WF Energy Controls which was founded in Sydney in 1910 as Warburton Franki.


Acquisition of Circle-C Transformers which was founded in Sydney in 1950 as Cadwallader Engineering.


The Energy Controls Group was formed comprising of three companies, TWS Energy Controls, WF Energy Controls and Circle-C Transformers within Australasia.


The Energy Controls Group collectively specialise in the design, build and customisation of LV/MV metering, protection, and power transformers. Supplying network and electrical companies worldwide since 1910.

Our Head Office is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and our test labs located at our manufacturing facilities in both Australia and New Zealand. They are Class A Guide 17025 accredited/certified to NATA & IANZ and are signatories to the ILAC mutual recognition arrangement.


Our Product Portfolio includes:


Designed and Manufactured in NZ
We Offer Global Shipping